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Bingfei Ballet  Dance Academy for Classical, Jazz, Modern, Tag, Vaganova Dance Styles. We're a premium dance school located in Ellicott City in Maryland near Baltimore and Columbia. 华盛顿少儿芭蕾舞, 马里兰芭蕾舞学校, 维吉尼亚芭蕾舞学校, 冰菲芭蕾舞社, 大华府少儿芭蕾舞学校, 华盛顿地区少儿芭蕾舞学校

Dawei Zhang (Artistic Advisor), senior member of the Chinese Dancers Association, as well as a choreographer and leading ballet dancer in the Shanghai Ballet, famous for their performance of "The White Haired Girl". Mr. Zhang was the chief scriptwriter and choreographer for the Ballet adaptations "AliBaba and the Forty Thieves" and "Flying Butterfly Lovers". He was editor of the model opera "The White Haired girl", and also directed several famous ballet performances and dance pieces following the culture revolution. As an outstanding dancer and leader in national ballet, Mr. Zhang gained rich experiences in choreography, teaching, and dancing performing. In 1989, he went to the US for further study on the modern dance of Martha Graham, and gave graduate ballet classes in several colleges on the eastern coast. Mr. Zhang received a Virginia state government grant to shoot a documentary film called "Dancing The Same Language", about teaching and choreography, and the trifles of life. In 1994, he established East and West Dance Theater in Washington DC metropolitan area, with the famous dancer Junying Shen. Under Zhang’s direction, his students gained gold award in Paris, Warne, Jackson, Asuncion and other dancing competitions. He is the only Asian dancing teacher whose students went on to become well known stars in the West, and whose students gained several gold medals in international Olympic dancing competitions. From 2002 to 2014, he was principal and art director of the Potomac dance center. Mr. Zhang has directed more than 20 live dancing performances for residents in the Washington DC metropolitan area. He has directed over one hundred individual dancing shows and he has taught more than thousand students. He is the most influential dance artist in the Washington DC metropolitan area. 


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